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Armour's News

Posted by Armour - October 19th, 2013

I do network stuff.

- www.foreladigital.com


Posted by Armour - December 7th, 2012

Want to join a group of talented people on a quest to get an incredible project up on its feet?
Well we are looking for a person who is exceptionally good at the English language and has good people skills. Possibly with some sort of skill in regards to marketing. By joining the core team you will be given from 5%-15% of the company depending on your level of skill. For more information on the project have a look at our main site : www.societystation.com

Post up here or give me a message if you are interested.

Looking for a new staff member!

Posted by Armour - November 27th, 2012


What do you think so far?

Also sign up to my forum! Here is a little intro for my forum!

Posted by Armour - February 8th, 2012


A bit of everything.

( Also porn )

Posted by Armour - December 12th, 2011

Hey guys check out my new website!
Ever since my TS website has grown up to be a success :

I thought it would be time to introduce the first network branch :


And I need moderators pronto.
Sign up, get in to chat as I am there right now!

Posted by Armour - October 29th, 2011

Hello Newgrounders! I have purchased a package from :
InvisionPower co

To support us a good healthy server with plenty of space! Just recently I have had quite a few
Newgrounders become active on this neat Chat and Forum space!

Today I have upgraded the package to a maximum of 50 users on at once on the chat as 20
seemed as if no longer sufficed. The community is called " The Society "

It is an infusion of multiple Communities one of which is of course Newgrounds!
NG is slowly becoming the dominant community there as it is finally great to have
a dedicated permanent area to get comfortable in!

I hope you guys join up and visit us in Chat! I will fill you in with more details once you have
Registered and got through in to chat!

Here is the link : Link

Take care guys,
PS : The community is only 4 days old.
So come on down and Represent NG!


Newgrounds Chat! (Link)

Posted by Armour - October 14th, 2011

Finally, no more of that horrible feeling that screams in my head.
" Please dont ask for ID "

Posted by Armour - August 8th, 2011


Posted by Armour - July 29th, 2011

As I have nearly finished my prior website and simply need to wait for the product to be finalised.

I am releasing a new one! That offers a free service!

A way for you creative buggers to make money and a way for those who need a video or animation done to contact those freelancers available for the job.

The solution is swivel. I am building swivel on the same template I made " ArmourTech " with.

Only the front page has been completed so far, tell me what you think ! :


Posted by Armour - July 4th, 2011

Hello, Hello !

I have stopped on the development of Armout not long ago but recently went back to constructing the website. I have made some minor updates to the layout and some major updates to the actual function of the website. I need you guys once again to review it for me. Every page, Every button, Every function.

Remember, the website is not functional but the " purchase " button is, there is no stock or products for sale in the " Armour " section yet so do not be stupid and buy air...that is unless you wish to.

We have ourselves a great set of partners which are more than happy for us to resell their products, so if you wish you may click on any of the partners and purchase a product directly from their web at this stage in time.

Report any bugs, questions or queries to me here.

Thank you.

Website : www.armourtech.co.cc
In case link 1 doesnt work : http://armourtechnologies.tk/